1. be alive, have life, be, exist, have being, walk the earth; breathe, respire; arise, rise, originate, quicken, come forth, appear, see light, come into existence.
2. subsist, remain alive, cling to life, survive, outlive; keep a hold on, hold on, stick out, stick to; persevere, persist, endure, last, continue, remain, stand, abide, obtain, prevail; be permanent, be steadfast, be constant.
3.Usu. live on or by
subsist, maintain life, rely for maintenance; feed, be nourished, be supported; thrive, increase, wax, augment, multiply, flourish, grow, fare; support [s.o.], earn a living, follow an occupation, make one's living, earn money, get ahead; keep, maintain, nourish, support, foster, nurture; provide for, provision, victual, afford, board, subsidize.
4.Often live in or at
dwell, reside, tarry, sojourn, occupy, inhabit, people, populate; tenant, room, billet, lodge, take up one's quarters, take up residence; anchor, moor, take or strike root, establish oneself.
5. behave, act, acquit oneself, comport oneself, demean oneself, conduct oneself.
6. flourish, thrive, prosper, luxuriate; enjoy life, be happy, live it up, live high, live high off the hog, Latin, carpe diem; make the most of life, take the earth's bounty, make every moment count, bask in the sunshine, find one's place in the sun, live a charmed life, live in clover, sail before the wind, make or cut a figure, swim with the tide, get along swimmingly.
1. alive, living, vital, breathing, viable, sensible, subsistent, existent, extant, animate, quick, vivified, Biol. motile; real, palpable, in the flesh, fleshly, bodily, substantial, embodied, incarnate, corporeal, material, physical, tangible; under the sun, this side of the grave, on the face of the earth.
2. lively, energetic, vigorous, spirited, dynamic, Inf. peppy, Inf. snappy, active, brisk, frisky; breezy, effervescent, vivacious, stirring, sparkling, glowing, bright, brilliant; ardent, eager, enthusiastic, intense, keen; alert, wide-awake; industrious, enterprising.
3. teeming, swarming, abounding, overflowing, thronged; fraught, full, rife, replete; restless, bustling, busy.
4. glowing, burning, smoldering; alight, aflame, flaming, inflamed, ignited, igneous, fiery, blazing, ablaze, afire; aglow, incandescent, candent, white-hot, red-hot.
5. vivid, bright, bright-colored, colorful, chromatic; gay, deep, gorgeous, rich; florid, showy, garish, flashy.
6. resilient, elastic, rebounding, recoiling; buoyant, bouncy, springy; tensile, ductile; yielding, rubbery.
7. loaded, combustible, explodable, explosive, ex-plosible, unexploded, fulminant.
8. still in use, current, latest, up-to-date, active, in the air, at hand, at issue; happening, going on, in the wind; prevailing, prevalent, in question; controversial, debatable, doubtful, moot, unsettled, lively, touchy, Sl. hot, Sl. hairy.

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